Sunday, November 27, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I have been SO busy since my girls started school that I haven't posted on my blog since September!  Crazy!!  It has been a crazy year!  My cake business has been doing well which super great but doesn't help with the busy-ness. 
We took the girls camping this fall.  I love camping.  I grew up camping.  This was the first time my girls have ever gone tent camping.  Teeter LOVED it.  She was totally in her element, and even though it was chilly, she slept like a rock!  Bulbs on the other hand...woke up with terrible pink eye in both eyes.  Doesn't make for the fun camping trip. 


My man!


Messy faces and eating some supper!

A beautiful sunset

Teeter telling ghost stories

The Bulb

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