Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread House Tradition

This is our 2nd annual gingerbread house decorating mini party with E & Mr. H.  The girls of course love it!  Last year I bought, at Michael's Craft Store, cookie cutters for gingerbread houses.  One cutter is the roof pieces, one cutter is the wall pieces, and one cutter is the front and back pieces.  They were adorable and turned out great, but they were so large that I had to do a batch of gingerbread for each house!  It was too much.  So this year I made one batch of gingerbread.  I found a template online of the house I liked and printed it out.  Then using my copier, I reduced the size of the template.  They were perfect! 
I added a fun little touch too!  I used the wrong side of a piping tip and cut one circle dormer window out of each house.  Then I crushed up an over sized green jolly rancher candy, put it in the cut out and baked the cookies again, until the candy was compeltely melted.  The kids loved it!  Suggestion:  If you want to make the jolly rancher windows.  I lined my cookie sheet with parchment paper so the melted candy wouldn't stick to or ruin my cookie sheet.  I was able to peel the paper right off.

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