Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Pumpkin Farm

Last night the girls and I made some adorable jack-o-lantern cake pops to take to the pumpkin farm with us and share with their friends.  I did most of the work, of course, but the girls had so much fun adding the green apple tic tacs for the stems and picking out fun jack-o-lantern faces for me to draw with an edible marker.   They turned out great!

I packaged them with mini cellophane bags and ribbon for easy transportation, and put them in a bag with a take and toss cool pack to keep the chocolate from melting. They were a huge hit with the girls, their friends, and their parents, and the perfect addition to our day at the pumpkin farm in Celina. The girls had so much fun. The farm had so much to do, lots of good photo ops, tons of pumpkins, and really yummy grilled hot dogs! What a wonderful day with my little ladies and our favorite friends.

Feeding the sheep

E feeding a longhorn

Mr. H


Fun in the pumpkins.  I loved all the different types they had laying around.

Pumpkins as far as the eye could see

Sweet Bowbas enjoying the day

Tractor time with Teeter Bees!

Bowbas' turn

The farm was beautiful!

Is this one big enough?

Yummy hot dogs!

So excited about cake pops!

Mr. H wasted no time on his!

Love this picture!

And this one too!

This truck was adorable!

Can you see the excitement on Teeter's face?  The hayride was the highlight of her day.

Sweet girl, having a blast!

Mr. H is a big Pooh Bear fan.

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