Monday, September 13, 2010

Shipping Cupcakes

Next week I am going to attempt something...scary!  I am going to ship cupcakes to my sister in California. The cupcakes are for my niece's birthday party.  When they were in town and my little niece was admiring my cakes, I could rapidly see the disappointment on her face as she realized I would not be able to create one for her.  I knew I had to find a way to get a Breezie's treat out to her.  Why should my little nieces and nephews miss out on my tasty goodness just because they live exactly 1,300 miles from me? 
I knew there was no way to ship a big fancy cake.  It would never make it there, but cupcakes I think will be do-able.  I have researched and researched, and I am feeling pretty good about getting the cupcakes out there safely.  Ok I am terrified!  I will be honest! What kid wants to open a box of destroyed cupcakes that were once beautiful? But here are some precautions that I am taking, that the other websites did not do.  If the other ladies were successful without these precautions, then I am pretty sure mine will make it there successfully!
I am doing fondant cupcakes.  These other blogs talk about how they freeze and ship cupcakes with a big dollop of frosting like the picture above.  Hello, the frosting will thaw after an hour or two and I do not like to freeze my dries them out big time!
My plan is to fill the cupcakes with the frosting I would normally use and then a light coat of frosting on top to hold the fondant in place. 
I am going to use Satin Ice because it tastes much better than most fondants and these are for little girls.
These will be super duper wrapped in some major plastic wrap to keep fresh as long as possible, and then shipped 2nd day guarantee. 
I wanted to overnight but good grief it is very expensive!
My niece is having a slumber party with make overs and a fashion show so the cupcakes will coordinate with that theme.  I am also sending her some adorable pajamas to wear at her slumber party! 
I'll let you know how it goes and if it is a success I will give you step by step instructions so you can share your tasty goodness with your loved ones abroad.

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