Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Teeter Bees!

Last Saturday my Teeter Bees turned 4.  Yes, I have a 4 year old and yes, I may have cried myself to sleep that night.  She has just grown up so fast.  When people tell you that kids grow up really fast, you do not really take it to heart until you blink and it is her 4th birthday!
As you know, Teeter L-O-V-E-S elephants.  So this year we celebrated with a big elephant party, that I spent a lot of time and effort preparing so she would always remember her special elephant party.
When the girls woke up that morning I had a little surprise for them.  I had to got each of them a special outfit to wear to the party, a little journal to color in with an elephant on the front, and a huge tub of cheeseballs.  The girls love cheeseballs ever since they saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.  I wrapped all the gifts and Bowbas got to really feel like she was included in Teeter's special day.

The label says Happy 4th Birtday

Then we all headed up to the donut shop for a special, extra sugar filled breakfast.  The lady working thought the girls were so cute!  And gave Teeter extra "birthday" donuts.

Then we spent the morning finishing some cleaning, Tuck mowed the yard and did one last clean up after the dog, and the babies got a bath.  Then Teeter Bees had a special appointment at Groovy Kids.  She got her hair washed, trimmed, styled, and a mini manicure to get ready for her special party.




They gave her a big balloon and a sucker too.  She really enjoyed herself and loved showing off her manicure.
Then we went to the McDonalds for Happy Meals and to play on the indoor playground.  That is one of Teeter's favorite things to do and since the party wasn't until 7, we thought it would be a fun lunch time.  Tuck's parents joined us and the girls really had fun!

After two hours of McDonalds time, we went home and spent the rest of the afternoon running to Market Street to pick up the sandwich tray, going to Kroger to pick up the balloons, and running to Walmart to find some kind of water activity.  The plan was for the party to be held in the backyard.  Well it ended up being 104 degrees outside.  Everyone would have melted so Tuck decided the best thing to do would get a play sprinkler or slip n slide.  I called everyone and told them to bring swimsuits.  And then it was time to set up for the party and get the party started.  It was a huge success!  Everything looked great!  Teeter was in elephant Heaven, all her favorite friends showed up, and she walked away with some awesome birthday presents!

Dessert Table
Our dessert table consisted of her cake (front and center), elephant shaped cookies, white cupcakes with strawberry frosting and orange elephants, rice crispy treats, mini caramel apples, jelly beans, and rock candy.  It was a big hit!  There was next to nothing left by the end of the party. Really.

Above her dessert table were matching balloons and elephant bunting that I cut out by hand.  My hands hurt really bad after cutting out all those elephants! (No I don't have a Cricut machine, don't judge me!)

The Cake
Her cake was an elephant, peaking out of a gift box, holding a number 4 candle.  He's looking at the candle like "I'm holding a flame! With my nose!"  Since all of this was orginally going to be set up outside and you would be able to walk all the way around the table, his little tail is peaking out the back of the box.  Because of the heat, we ended up setting up inside and we didn't get a good photo of the back of the cake.

The Food Spread
We kept it pretty light.  I ordered an amazing finger sandwich tray from Market Street.  We had chips, and drinks too.  I even made little labels for the water bottles that said Happy 4th Birthday!  On the food table I put the picture of the girls and Tuck riding the real elephant, and some pretty flowers I bought for Teeter when I was at Market Street picking up the sandwich tray.  The food table also had some little favor boxes.  I had the clear boxes left over from the baby shower I put together in April.  I filled them with marshmallow peanuts, because what elephant doesn't love peanuts?  The stickers on the front I ordered from Tiny Prints when I ordered her party invitations that matched!

Since we were still planning on playing outside I went ahead and decorated our arbor with our Christmas lights and these awesome paper lanters I found at Hobby Lobby!  Each pack came with three one small, medium, and large.  Once the sun began setting and we turned on the lights it really looked nice!

The Girl
I don't think she could have been any happier with this party.  She was happy the entire time, and it was the first year she understood that those presents were for her.  She opened everything on her own.  She blew out her own candle this year.  She greeted every single person that came through that door as soon as they came in.  It was her party and I want to teach my girls that a birthday party is a priviledge.  These people do not have to come and they do not have to bring you gifts.  So greet everyone when they come in and thank them for coming.  She did just that.  I didn't have to tell her once to greet someone!  I am so proud of her.  She looked adorable in the outfit!  The top was bought last minute at Walmart and I found a little beaded elephant at Hobby Lobby and ironed him on.  I made her ribbon tied flip flops and Danielle from Rockin' Ribbons made her awesome hairbow!

The Fun!

Bowbas, who all of the sudden appeared out of nowhere with no pants on

The kids loved playing in the water

And our smallest guest, 8 week old, Abbey!

It was a long day and the remainder of our guests left around 11:40 pm.  We were beat but the babies slept until 9 am the next morning!!!  And my sweet pea had the best time ever!

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