Sunday, May 2, 2010

Her Dream Come True

Today the family went down to the local Renaissance Fair and Teeter Bees rode an elephant with Tuck and Bowbas! For the last two years (a little more than half her life) all she has talked about is elephants and how she loves them and must ride one.  Today she rode one.  She is happy.  We've called a few people to let her tell them about the experience.  I really wanted to ride with her but someone had to take photos and Tuck does not take good photos at all!
She rode an elephant!  A big elephant!  She touched the elephants skin!  She loved "my big elephant!"  How fantastic to make a dream come true for your child. 

Then the girls spotted this man powered spinning merry go round time ride.  The girls insisted on riding it.  Once they got moving Teeter Bees decided that she needed off.  She cried and they let her off, but Bowbas loved it.  I honestly did not think she would ride it without Teeter, but she did and she smiled and laughed the entire time.  This is my new favorite picture of Bowbas.  She looks so happy and sweet.  I love it!

Then we enjoyed the rest of the fair including the girls getting magical stones from a garden sprite

They were very very tired after such an exciting day


  1. I love these pics Bree! Very cute! I am glad they had so much fun!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Love these pictures...your family is precious! :)