Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1

Today I got offered a taste tester position at Cadbury in the creme egg division, bought a brand new Lexus SUV (color: white with tan leather seats incase you were wondering), booked a trip to Italy, napped outside in a hammock with my girls, and have a personal chef coming to cater an amazing five course dinner for my husband and I while my girls quietly watch a movie in their playroom.

April Fools! 

But man what a GREAT day that would have been although today hasn't been too shabby!
There was very little traffic on my way to work this morning. Score!
Then I got through with my agenda faster that usual.  Score!
My brother-in-law played an April fools joke on me, that scared me pretty good.  Not a score, but it's part of the day!
Had a nice little lunch outside where it is a beautiful, sun shining, 75 degrees. Score!
Came back to the office, joked with my boss about making him cupcakes with onions baked inside.  He hates onions.  He thanked me for not having the time to go through with it, but asked me to bring him some normal cupcakes on Monday. Score!
I really wanted to take a nap, but have sat here in the quiet for a few hours.  Sounds boring but it's nice since I have a long weekend in the loud house of Harris. Score!
I don't have to leave my house one time tomorrow unless I want to. Score!
My husband's office is having their annual crawfish boil tonight so I infact do not have to cook. Score!
At the crawfish boil my friend Amy will be there with her family.  Amy is special to me.  I really enjoy her company.  Score!
And in about two hours I get to go home to three beautiful smiling faces that the Lord blessed me with.  I get to hear MAMA!  Yelled at the top of two sets of tiny lungs when I walk in the door.  I will be tackeled with hugs, stories and love before I can even get out of the entry way.  And the third smiling face with remove the munchkins from my legs, and give me a big bear hug.  Even though we will have to leave for the crawfish boil shortly after, I still got a welcome home that most people only get after a long trip.  Score!

Happy April Fools Day!
I hope yours is special.

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