Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 Valentine's Day Proposals

So I did a little research and something like 10% of marriage proposals in the United States, happen on Valentine's Day.  At first I did not think that number was very high considering it's Valentine's Day, but here are my thoughts on this statistic.  10% of all marriage proposals happen on this one day when there are 364 (sometimes 365) other days in the year that he could pop the question.  So yeah, 10% for one day out of the year is fairly high. 

Since 10% of marriage proposals will happen in 11 days, it is only right that Day 3 of our 14 days of Valentine's Day be all about proposals.

Before we go any further I will tell you that Bakerella is amazing!  We are using one of her photos in this post, and I just had to tell you that if you have not seen Bakerella's blog... you need to! You should go over to her site just as soon as you are done reading my blog.

So here it is, this guy wanted to propose to his lady.  His lady LOVES Bakerella.  Why wouldn't she?  He contacts Bakerella and they came up with this amazing proposal together.  This is only one photo from the proposal so go to her blog and see the rest...

No he did not propose on Valentine's Day, but this guy gets brownie points like crazy!  He really took the time to think about what would take his lady's breath away, bring tears to her eyes, something she would never forget. So to all the men out there, whether you pop the question on Valentine's Day or on one of the other 364 (sometimes 365) days in the year remember to take her breath away. Valentine's Day is a great day to pop that special question.  It's a romantic day, and I am pretty sure an engagement ring qualifies as an excellent Valentine's day gift.

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