Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I Could Not Live Without

When I say things I could not live without, I mean besides my family, friends, and the basic necessities of life. 
So...something I cannot live without is the Ikea Trofast Storage System.

It is a life saver.  It is in our playroom and it stores and organizes all of our toys.  My Little Ponies all in one bin, Little People in another, babies all together in one bin, dress up clothes in another.  We have two of the puzzle shaped pieces.  The girl's tv sits on it too.

We coordinated with pink, green, and white buckets.  We have had it for...well probably going on a year now.  I would like to get two more taller pieces just for room to grow.  This thing is kid though, kid safe, and affordable.  Just incase you are wondering why my tinies are dressed as fairies in the photo.  Teeter Bees had a fairy birthday party in July.  This was taken before the guests arrived.  I will just say that about thirty minutes after this picture was taken, this room was not so nice and clean.


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