Sunday, December 20, 2009

Recipe Review

    I love recipes that come on the back of packages.  I collect them in a binder.  I will say that I have had excellent luck finding amazing recipes on the backs of various items.  For example we regularly eat recipes from the back of the Biquick box.  Their Ultimate Chicken Fingers are really good.  I have got my entire family addicted to those chicken fingers.  And on the back of evaporated milk there is a great recipe for this mac and cheese made with cheddar and pepper jack.  It was a huge hit at Thanksgiving. 
   When I came across the recipe for Ginger Cheesecake Dessert on the back of Betty Crocker's Gingerbread Cookie Mix.  It could not wait to try it.

Now I know I could have waited...

There is a reason they call it a "cheesecake dessert"  it is much softer then actual cheesecake.  To me the thought of cheesecake with a gingerbread crust was very exciting.  They call to crumble 5 ginger cookies over the top.  It's overwhelming.  The lemon juice threw off the flavor of the "cheesecake."  And it just wasn't right. 

It did not taste right to me at all, and the texture was all wrong.   So I give this recipe 2 out of 5 forks...they had right idea but the execution was not there.

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  1. hehe I am the same way with label recipes! that is how I figured out to use the ranch powder mix with my mashed potatoes!