Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Princess and The Frog

So we went to see The Princess and The Frog last night.  I will tell you up front that most of the movie is based around voo-doo.  The movie did have some good messages like always believe in your dreams, work hard to get there, and never lose sight of who you really are.  Also, that hard work is important but happiness, family, and love are important too.

On the other hand the movie has a lot of dark voo-doo.  The "Shadow Man" has "friends on the other side."  I thought after the prince became the frog that would be the end of the dark shadows and voodoo, but I was mistaken because this is an on going theme throughout the movie.  I think the radio critic gave this a fair family friendliness rating, however, since my kids have seen it I would let them watch it again. I think it is important to explain to children that are a little older how you feel about the voodoo before and after seeing it, so they will know how to feel about it. This was not one of the girls' favorites but they enjoyed it. 

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